Вышла новая версия (2.3.0) Платежного HSM LUNA EFT

22 ноября 2018

Gemalto is pleased to announce the release of version 2.3.0 of the Luna EFT Payment HSM.

This release of Luna EFT Payment HSM introduces key features expanding the software’s capabilities in terms of flexibility, logging and monitoring and addition of new payment standards. This includes:

  • AES DUKPT – This release adds AES DUKPT according to ANSI X9.24-3 (2017). A new key specifier “Format 26” is introduced to support the AES key based DUKPT scheme.
  • Remote System Logging via syslog – This release allows to send error logs from Luna EFT Payment HSM to configured remote syslog servers. A new web page for remote syslog server configuration is introduced in the Luna EFT Administration Console.
  • Audit Logs Auto Archiving – This release introduces a new LunaSH command to support auto archiving of EFT audit logs, allowing for more automated audit log retrieval.
  • Backup and Restore of HSM Configuration – This release adds functionality to secure backup/restore of HSM configurations via the web console.
  • VFPE Program Enhancement – This release adds a new host function EA000D (FPE-CRYPTO-SET) to support data translation, encryption and decryption for VFPE Program.
  • RSA Performance Improvements – This release provides RSA performance improvements for various OBM functions.
  • Updated Host Functions – This release provides updates to various host functions concerning operation in PCI mode and key specifier extensions
    – DECIPHER-4 (EE0807)
    – MAC-GEN-FINAL-AES (EE0713)
    – MAC-VER-FINAL-AES (EE0714)

Please go to the SafeNet Support Portal** to download the EFT 2.3.0 Software Release and the Customer Release Notes (use Document Number: KB0018136).

**Log in required. Contact CustomerPortalSupport@Gemalto.com for assistance.

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