SafeNet Virtual KeySecure k170v version 1.1 Now Available

5 декабря 2017

Gemalto is pleased to announce the official release of SafeNet Virtual KeySecure k170v version 1.1, which is built on prevailing cloud-based technologies — a key differentiator between the current k150v and k450v models and the next generation k170v model.

What’s New in this Release?

  • Support for ProtectDB (Oracle)
  • Support for Tokenization Manager (Vaulted Tokenization)
  • KMIP version 1.0 support (Improvements for supporting Key States and Rekey function)
  • LDAP/AD Support
  • HSM based key generation:
  • Keys and secrets are all protected with an HSM key
  • HSM is used to seed the RNG with high quality entropy

Administrative improvements including:

  • Authentication enforcement (password strength)
  • Delivery of SysLog over TLS
  • Support for NIST Approved RNG

CA Improvements:

  • The CA is automatically generated when the system starts
  • Certificates can be issued and used to authenticate for KMIP client connections
  • SafeNet KeySecure k170v can serve as an intermediate CA for an existing PKI
  • Support for a Default Local CA which can be used to issue client KMIP certificates
  • Additional CA’s can be created or imported

For a full list of other administrative improvements in this release, please see the customer release notes, available on the Gemalto Customer Support Portal.

SafeNet KeySecure k170v | Product Highlights

  • Built on cloud-based technologies (REST, JWT, Containers, Microservices)
  • Improved cloud support (AWS, VMware, Microsoft Azure, and OpenStack natively supported)
  • New management console UI
  • REST API / CLI Playground for developers
  • Support for Cloud-init
  • HSM integration (SafeNet Luna HSM 5 and 6, AWS Cloud HSM)
  • New licensing engine for customers
  • Support for the SafeNet Data Protection portfolio including: SafeNet ProtectApp (JCE), SafeNet ProtectV, SafeNet ProtectDB (Oracle) and SafeNet Tokenization

For additional product and technical information, please read the SafeNet Virtual KeySecure Product Brief or visit the Gemalto website. Product Release Notes can be found on the Gemalto Customer Support Portal. (Document number: KB0016842 Virtual KeySecure k170v 1.1.0 Customer Release Notes)*.

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