SafeNet ProtectV 4.2 Now Available

1 августа 2017

We are pleased to announce the release of SafeNet ProtectV 4.2.

With this release SafeNet ProtectV makes strides toward achieving feature parity with SafeNet ProtectV version 2.x. With the advent of SafeNet ProtectV 4.x Gemalto redesigned the underlying architecture to make the solution more stable and scalable. Now on this new architecture, we’re returning our focus to making the solution feature rich like its previous iteration. Future versions for 2017 will continue the evolution toward, and will eventually surpass, feature parity with SafeNet ProtectV 2.x.

Selective Encryption/Decryption

The previous release of SafeNet ProtectV supported decryption of entire client instances. There was no option to encrypt or decrypt a particular volume. From this release onward, you can specify the volumes to encrypt or decrypt

Automatic Backup of SafeNet ProtectV Manager

SafeNet ProtectV 4.2.0 brings back the support for automatic, scheduled backup of the ProtectV Manager database. This feature was removed in earlier versions SafeNet ProtectV 4.0 onward.

Syslog Server Support

SafeNet ProtectV 4.2.0 extends support for Syslog server. You can configure ProtectV Manager to redirect audit and services logs to a dedicated Syslog server in real time through TLS, TCP & UDP. SafeNet ProtectV supports the syslog-ng implementation of the Syslog protocol for Linux platforms.

12 New RESTful APIs:

SafeNet ProtectV 4.2.0 includes the following new RESTful APIs to help perform tasks from command line:

  • listImages: Displays the list of registered SafeNet ProtectV Client images.
  • getImageCount: Displays the number of registered SafeNet ProtectV Client images.
  • getInstanceDetails: Displays the details of a client instance.
  • listInstancesDetails: Displays the details of all client instances.
  • getInstancesCount: Displays the total number of instances on the SafeNet ProtectV Manager Console.
  • listClientEnrollmentTokens: Displays the list of existing client enrollment tokens.
  • getClientEnrollmentTokenCount: Displays the number of client enrollment tokens.
  • listImageInstances: Displays the list of instances based on a client image with specified IP address.
  • getImageInstancesCount: Displays the number of instances based on an image.
  • encryptOff: Turns off encryption for a protected client instance.
  • encryptOn: Turns on encryption for a decrypted client instance.
  • deleteImage: Deletes a SafeNet ProtectV Client image.

Log Rotation

SafeNet ProtectV 4.2.0 supports log rotation. ProtectV Manager saves audit and services logs at /pvm/logs. Audit logs are also displayed under the Audit Logs tab on the SafeNet ProtectV Manager Console. SafeNet ProtectV automatically rotates these logs, as described below.

  • Audit logs – A maximum of 10,000 recent records are displayed on the Audit Logs tab. Older records are rotated automatically.
  • Services logs – A new log file is generated daily, at 12:00 AM. A maximum of five log files (of only five days) are stored. Log files older than five days are deleted automatically. The saved log files are named as pvm..log; for example, pvm.20170711.log and pvm.20170712.log

Set system time, date, or time zone on ProtectV Manager for ProtectV clients on VMware vSphere with timedatectl command.

In previous version of ProtectV time zones were automatically set for UTC and administrators had to change time and dates manually in the registry. Now administrators can change these setting directly in the ProtectV Manager.

Dual NIC card support

SafeNet ProtectV Manager now supports dual NIC configurations and routing.

New pvmctl Command

In this release, a new command, pvmctl networkpvm, is added to configure network interfaces on the ProtectV Manager instances. Use this command to:

  • Assign IP addresses to ProtectV Manager instances statically or dynamically (using DHCP).
  • Apply the modified static network interface configurations.
  • Clear the existing configurations of a network interface.

View the existing configurations of a network interface. The pvmctl confignw command is deprecated in this release.

Added GUI option / RestAPI to delete key for “Server Destroy/deletion/suspension” operations (i.e. removing machines from ProtectV Manager)

Support for RHEL 6.5/6.6/6.9

SafeNet ProtectV 4.2 extends support for protection of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5, 6.6, 6.9 instances on AWS and VMware.

CentOs 7.3

ProtectV clients install on OS and remove checks.

Refer to the SafeNet ProtectV Clients Customer Release Notes for the complete list of supported virtualized platforms.

Refer to the SafeNet ProtectV User Guide for details on features included in this release.


Find out more about SafeNet ProtectV and SafeNet Cloud-Enabled Security from Gemalto:

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