RSA® Announces the Availability of RSA Authentication Manager 8.3

6 марта 2018


With the release of RSA Authentication Manager 8.3, RSA SecurID Access customers can transition their on-premises Authentication Manager deployments to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, resulting in a significant reduction in infrastructure costs. New token and user management features simplify administration and improve efficiency in user and token assignment. Two new reports utilizing the new generation of RSA SecurID Agents provide your administrators with a new level of visibility into the details of your deployed agents. For security-conscious customers, administrative access to selected sub-security domains can be excluded by administrative role. And the Authentication Manager Bulk Administration (AMBA) tool for bulk token and user assignment is now integrated with RSA Authentication Manager 8.3.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Support

Transition your RSA Authentication Manager deployment by creating AWS full or hybrid Virtual Private Clouds (VPC). U.S. government agencies at the federal, state and local level and other security-conscious entities can utilize the AWS GovCloud. The RSA Authentication Manager 8.3 AWS Machine Image (AMI) will be made available through the RSA AWS Private community. To obtain the AMI, existing customers must first contact RSA Customer Support and new customers must include a specific SKU on the sales order. For further information, please read the RSA SecurID® Access Release Notes for RSA Authentication Manager and the Cloud Authentication Service on RSA Link.

Make it Easy

Assigning tokens just got easier and more efficient. Token Administrators can configure a token assignment rule based on the expiration date of the token. Help Desk Administrators can easily search by Token Serial Number using Quick Search. If the token is assigned, the users’ dashboard displays all token assignment information. If not assigned, administrators are directed to the SecurID Tokens View page. Last Authentication Time for User and Last Logon Date of Token are easily viewed on the User Dashboard without having to navigate to other pages.

New Level of Agent Visibility Using the New Generation of Agents and New Reporting Capabilities

The new List all Installed Agents and List all Authentication Agents Records reports provide a new level of visibility into your deployed agents. Older agents utilizing UDP are identified with their hostname and IP address and have limited reporting capabilities. The new generation of agents, such as the RSA SecurID Authentication Agent 8.0 for PAM, built using the REST Authentication API, provide Authentication Manager with information on the installed agent, such as a unique Agent Software ID, the agent version number, the last authentication attempt, the OS platform, and the agent status, and information on the user group name and security domain associations.

With the new agents, only a single record in Authentication Manager is required to manage and deploy multiple agents. The new agents provide scalability by connecting to either Authentication Manager or the Cloud Authentication Service.

Administrative Role Security Domain Controls

Administrators can now create administrative roles that provide greater control over data scoping and visibility. A new option in the Administrative Role definition controls how the role grants access to all lower-level security domains. Access to items may be limited to just those contained within the security domains explicitly selected for the role.

Authentication Manager Bulk Administration (AMBA)

The AMBA 1.6 Command Line Utilities (CLUs) are incorporated into the RSA Authentication Manager 8.3 CLU library. All existing customers with a valid AMBA license can enter their AMBA license into Authentication Manager. Other customers interested in AMBA require the RSA SecurID Access Enterprise Edition or Premium Edition License.

In addition, web-tier servers are now qualified to run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4. For a complete list of supported operating systems for the web tier, see the Setup and Configuration Guide at https://community.rsa.com/community/products/securid/authentication-manager-83.

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